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Residency projects

2021: Annie Chapman Brewer at Whiterock Conservancy

River House on the Prairie for Solo Horn & Wildlife Accompaniment

Above is a video of the composition written and performed by Annie Chapman Brewer, River House on the Prairie. Recently Annie Chapman Brewer was honored by the International Alliance for Women in Music, named a winner in the 2023 Search for New Music competition for River House on the Prairie. Read about her honor.

In October 2023, Annie Chapman Brewer performed in the Faculty Recital Series at Saginaw Valley State University, University Center, Michigan. Her recital featured River House on the Prairie. Hear Annie Chapman Brewer’s recital.



2019: Jean Graham, graphic artist, at the Anna and Dave Geyer Farm and Land Alliance Folk School 


Please do not send to others after purchase. Every person must buy their own copy to view.

See a sample of the Zine below.

After her residency at the Anna and Dave Geyer farm in southeast Iowa, Jean Graham created a 119-page Zine, “Farm, Sweet (Diversified) Farm: an AgArts Residency.”

Graham wrote, “As I drove through the wildflowers and gorgeous green oceans of corn and soybeans, I wondered why people call this flyover country. Monocrop still reigns, but the Geyers brilliantly diversify in order to farm, nurture the land, and cultivate community. I learned about their sustainable farming practices and was enchanted with the farm implements that seemed like big kinetic sculpture. Their acres of wetland and prairie help support pollinators and wildlife. And their wood-fired pizza nights and Land Alliance Folk School bring people together from miles around.”

Purchase Graham’s digital Zine for yourself and your friends for only $15 each, HERE. For a gift, click on “Buy This”, then at the email box, click on the gift box icon.

Kayt Sunwood wrote:  Everyone who loves the land, artists, art, nature, people, as well as exquisitely articulated interwoven connections between them, will be captivated by this Zine masterpiece! I LOVE every image and word of this 119-page engagingly magnificent Zine.

See a short video about Graham’s Zine at the AgArts USA YouTube Channel here.


Tom Montgomery Fate: The Long Way Home: Detours and Discoveries

In a travel memoir that ventures from his small-town upbringing to vastly different cultures around the globe, Tom Montgomery Fate comes to define “home” not as a physical location, but as a way of belonging. “Migrating birds have an internal compass that allows them to home their way back to their nesting place each spring,” he writes. “For birds, home is both verb and noun—both journey and destination.”

The same is true for Fate. Whether he is bobbing in a canoe in the freezing rain with his son on a Canadian lake, praying with Lakota elders in a sweat lodge in South Dakota, pondering the ecology of an old-growth forest in Oregon, or trying to teach English at a small college in the Philippines, these are not stories of arrival. They are detours of discovery, a spiritual wayfinding through the wilderness of time and memory.

Read an excerpt as part of AgArts’ Blazing Star Literary Journal.

Reviews: The Little Village.  The Star Tribune.

Purchase The Long Way Home.



2020: Artist Buzz Masters at Whiterock Conservancy

Pie+Tornadoes from Creative Maine, by AgArts artist-in-residence Buzz MastersShown is Out of the Blue by Buzz Masters.



2018: Irish musicians Connor Keane and Plunkett O’Toole at the New Hope Farm, Dubuque, IA

Farm to Artist Residency FINAL


2019: The Gouide-Averill Family, at Whiterock Conservancy.
Writer Thomas
Fox Averill, writer Jeffrey Goudie, musician Alex Goudie-Averill, dancer Ellie Goudie-Averill

See video: http://example.com/wp-content/uploads/videos/vid1.mp4