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How to Form a Local AgArts Collective

AgArts is a national organization composed of local collectives. The collectives are united in their purpose to carry out the mission of AgArts: to imagine and promote healthy food systems through the arts.

Every collective is encouraged to define its own agenda based on geography, agricultural heritage, and individual talents. There is no explicit way to engage your collective… Just make it compelling, delicious, inventive, collaborative and relevant to your local agriculture and food systems.


Benefits of joining your local collective:

  • Social and artistic inspiration.
  • Fresh inspirations for new AgArts collaborations.
  • Promotion of your own artistic work on the AgArts website, through social media and a national conference.


How to Begin:

  1. Take your own excitement and convey it to at least two other interested people and plan an initial gathering. Collectives often include artists of all disciplines, farmers, gardeners, chefs, students, faculty, and more.
  2. Decide on goals for your collective—what you would like to accomplish.
  3. Decide on a plan of action to achieve your goals.
  4. Fill out the AgArts Collective Page with the contact information of the people in your collective.
  5. Wait for your approval and pay the $100 annual collective fee.


Then What?

  1. You will receive your own page attached to the AgArts website.
  2. You will receive a template for an AgArts logo, business card, postcard and banner.
  3. You will receive a template for hosting a Local Wonders fundraising dinner to generate cash for your AgArts projects.
  4. Then have fun, engage and become active in the national organization through the website, Facebook page, Twitter feed. Please share your successful projects.


Future Activities:

AgArts has its non-profit status through Change Food and the Trust for Conservation Innovation. Currently, we’re fund raising to:

  • Fund national prizes for AgArts projects.
  • Showcase AgArts projects at an annual national conference.
  • Serve as a non-profit for fund raising purposes for collectives and individual artists.
  • Provide resources and links to other arts and agricultural-related organizations, conferences and activities.
  • Provide artist residencies on farms and on other agricultural sites.


Questions about forming a collective? Email the Outreach Director at