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Nebraska Women in Agriculture conference features Map of my Kingdom

Who’s going to get the farm? And what will they do with it?

Will your future plans for your land create harmony or strife for your family?

Have you even started to think that far ahead?

See Map of my Kingdom — a drama exploring issues surrounding farmland transition. The one-person play, by Mary Swander and commissioned by Practical Farmers of Iowa, will be performed at the Nebraska Women in Agriculture conference on February 23, 2023 in Kearney, Nebraska.

The compelling one-hour play tells farmers’ stories, hopes and challenges. Audience members will learn about farmland transition, why it’s important to begin thinking about it, and how to start conversations about this potentially sensitive issue.

Map of my Kingdom will feature actor Lindsay Bauer, and include a Q & A session afterwards.

Find more information on the Nebraska Women in Agriculture Conference 2023, here.


• “A must-see play! Powerful, moving, timely, hopeful. It should be performed in every rural community concerned about land, property and business transition.” — Randy Lukasiewicz, Omaha
• “The play had a way of getting people to think more broadly about land transition and to be more respectful of everyone’s views involved in their situation.” — Tom Thaden, Iowa Farm Business Association
• “These stories are moving and engaging and remind us that we all share responsibility for the health of the land… This is art serving its purpose in a meaningful way.” – Susan Wolverton, Professor of Theatre, Coe College
• “Mary Swander and her troupe of actors are consummate professionals.” – Keri Smith-Norman, Mayo Clinic
• “It’s easier to talk to your children about sex than farmland transition.” – An Iowa farmer